Se ho nana dating site

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Se ho nana dating site

Roommate season 2 ended on April 14, 2015, after 26 episodes.

Although preparations were being made for a new season, Roommate was confirmed to be cancelled due to low ratings; the last episode aired on April 14, 2015."Which Star Are You From?

" As the new season of Roommate commences with new members, the group slowly begins to break the awkward and unfamiliarity by getting to know each other.

The new members introduced themselves to the producers and the audiences first.

The new roommates are Sunny, Park Joon-hyung, Jackson, Ryohei Otani, Lee Guk-joo, Bae Jong-ok, and Heo Young-ji."Reply Old Love." The episode begins with Sunny, Ryohei, Joon-hyung, and Jackson going on an outing to pick lotus roots which was planned to be their guests' dinner.When they return to the house, the group prepares dinner as the guests start to arrive.For dinner, the members prepare fresh thornback ray and 5-year-old kimchi sent by Young-ji's uncle.Meanwhile, Guk-joo joins Baek Ji-young's performance on stage.

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The show features eleven celebrities living together in a share house, sharing common spaces such as the kitchen, living room, and washrooms, as well as household tasks.