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( Just as there are a variety of ways to ask such questions in English, there are a variety of ways to ask questions in ASL. If I wanted to sign I'm not happy, I'd sign I HAPPY while shaking my head negatively and frowning a bit or pursing my lips.

For example: I am happy would be signed, I HAPPY while nodding my head and smiling.

Effective use of space, location, movement, palm orientation, and facial expressions allow signers to simultaneously convey information that would often take much longer to convey in English "word by word." Cordially, Dr. Bill replies: Most of us (Deaf people in America) are bilingual or at least semi-bilingual and thus we will understand you just fine if you sign either "WHO YOUR TEACHER? Squinting (lowering/furrowing) your eyebrows for a short sentence is no big deal, but squinting your eyebrows for a long sentence feels weird.

As a Hearing person (people who live in the Hearing world) you raise your voice at the end of a sentence to indicate that your sentence is a question.

I do have four terrific kids but as of this writing they are all still quite young.] Head nodding, head shaking, and no be-verbs When signing a sentence in ASL you don't use state of being verbs, (is, am, was, were, are, be, being, been...).

) was attended, and so forth.] Author's note: While the above stories may be loosely based on my own family, they are just made up stories.

For example: I GO STORE uses a subject-verb-object structure.

___ I can show who did what to whom by using directionality ___ I am able to recognize and use head-nod for affirmation ___ I am able to recognize and use head-shake for negation ___ I am able to recognize and sign numbers 6-10 ___ I am able to recognize and use the agent / person sign. " -- you should answer "No." If I ask you on a quiz in this curriculum, Does ASL have 'be' verbs?

My point is that in ASL "be verb" signs are reserved for situations where you are talking about English.

While ASL doesn't use signs for "be verbs" for everyday communication -- there are signs for referring to be verbs. That sentence could get you in trouble with your local teacher.

"Hearing people" (people who can hear) can say or call out the word "mom" to get the attention of their mom.

When you want your Deaf mom's attention you would use one of several "attention getting techniques" depending on how close you are to her, whether she is looking at you, and whether other people are around. Waving your hand, tapping lightly on the shoulder, lightly slapping the table at which someone is sitting, and--in some circumstances-- stomping your foot on the ground (using only as much force as needed), or flashing the lights, are all common ways to get the attention of someone in the signing environment. - Johnathon Johnathon, Most books and instructors promote the idea that you should put "WH"-type questions at the end of a sentence.

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One of the most common techniques to get attention is the WAVE-("get attention of") sign. Discretion should be used, (especially with stomping or light flashing) because not all ways are appropriate at all times and there are right ways to do it. Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected]______writes: Dear Dr. Bill, My name is Jonathan and im trying to learn ASL from your website. ("WH"-type questions generally involve one of these concepts: "who, what, when, where, why, how, how-much.") In general it is good advice and you should follow it.