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Liflirt 4free

The Largest Foundry Vest or Sew fork City UNION FOUNDRY WORKS, Til South Cia.k 81 , CHICAGO. Orders will be filled promptly and satisfaction guaranteed. BOUTON & CO., Manufacturers of all Descriptions of Cast and Wrought Iron Building Work, Car, Bridge Kailroad Castings and Bolts, Iron Lailings and Gratings, Wrought Iron Track Frames for Cars, VAULT DOORS, BANE LOCKS Wrought Iron Beams and Girders, Corrugated Cell lngs, tc 0 and Wrought Iron Work generally Mjpx-aetmiy HURLBUT k EDSALL, Successort to i. Our facilities are ample to meet the demands of the trade. Manufacturers of Patent Hammered Horse Nails, Office, 68 West Tan Boren street, Factory M to 88 Wost Van Buren, Cor. Parttntaxl T Scrofula, have tbelr origin la so U cored or neglected disss. In of Kl'je X "., is ti Hmiii:ilfly -tore, i hp ?

Our Nails are manufactured entirely from "Ren-on' Iron, and are unsurpassed by any Nail In Oh market.

WHEELER & CO., Manufacturers and dealers in RAILROAD OILS! X he disgusting drags nd to-oay the Uift is and poisons were discarded, and to-oay prescribed by numbers of the leaning Physicians ; yet, notwithstanding ti e Samaiitil 'stilltis known ts be a Doaltive cure ant to use, as only ten pills have to be taken many old sniidilu Tiaoa will stick to their sickening drugs and gorgs their patients for weeks perhaps mouths.

FOR OEEKATIOXS Dlsesses anting trcm indiscretion hsve been treat ed with Balsam Oopabla and Mercury, until the stomach of tb patients naisc them become so nsaeested end weakened that It was fasrd to decide which wss the worst complsint, lbs disordered stomach or the original disease at length the bamantan's Ulf Umade Its advent, and aa eutirely bew syewm of car was Inaugurated, and the ben eficiai reunite at once aea. The finest rooms in the city, with separate parlors tot ladles and gentlemen.

JULIUS BAUEE & CO., Formerly of 69 "Wamin.n;toii-ot... QOLSBN his right in tbe use of the above trade m.rk, and having added, to the Justly celebrated characteris tics of the "COLUMBIAN GIN" improvements of my own, Improvements from an experience of twentv d ' I year, aa a Distiller ana Msnuiaciuring Rectifler, I confidently place this brand belore the pnbllc, ast-erting it superiority to any American Oin, and its equality to any Uin made anywhere else.

AFTER the FIRE Now is the time to buy Pianos Organs, Melodeons, Brass and String Instruments,&c.

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Many suffer the foul talrt or scroioia to remain in the system lor auis. Cicers sad Bores that are sstlng away the verr foundation of ill are sliowed to go oo-.

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