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Kimiaru online dating

Is This A Zombie is heavy on fanservice, which is at the core of most of its humor. Nonetheless, the comedy style is very similar and so is the art.You will surely enjoy Nourin if you liked Baka Test even if the overall premise is different ;) Same random humor Main characters are very similar and both shows have a love triangle School setting where different groups in the school compete against each other (Bt T has classes and grades and Nourin has different agricultural sections) From the studio that brought you the action series "Strike the Blood" comes a romantic comedy in a school environmental place.

They both have a really stupid and perverted MC, the childhood friend who is secretly in love with the MC, the shy popular girl the MC is in love with.Both are set in high school, feature a romantically clueless MC, make use of classic anime character tropes, and showcase characters the are practically copies of each other.These two shows go hand in hand as two of the funniest high school romantic comedies ever made and their similarity make them perfect for someone who has finished one series and is itching for more of the same humor/characters.Both animes have similar "stupid and random" humor; a love triangle between the comedic male protagonist, a tsundere, and the cutesy nice girl; a little fantasy (Baka Test has summoned beings while Seto Hana has mermaids); and even homo-erotic jokes thrown in to make you laugh, feel awkward, and/or fangirl.If you were entertained while watching Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, you'll definitely find Seto no Hanayome just as enjoyable and vice versa.

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