Baby dating scan be wrong

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“They can store them up to 10 years, and anything is better than nothing.

I know she can’t donate proper organs but tissue is just as valuable,” the tearful mother said.

The ultrasound technician will measure the fold on the back of the fetal neck.

Both a boy and a girl fetus have this fluid filled space.

At this point, it is too late to do the early risk assessment testing.By six weeks, the early testicle cells release a substance that prevents female genital development. Testosterone is the major sex hormone in men and it is necessary for the continued fetal development of a boy's sex organs.By 14 to 16 weeks, under the influence of testosterone, the genitals of a boy fetus begin to be recognizable.You may have more if your doctor thinks they are indicated.Except in certain unfortunate circumstances, prenatal ultrasounds are not done specifically just to check on the fetal sex.

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The part of the fetus that is developing into either girl parts or boy parts is called the genital tubercle.